AJ Pratt

Co-funder & VP of Business Solutions, LemonadeLXP

Before co-founding LemonadeLXP AJ cut his training industry teeth as a bus dev guy at Learning Tree International.  After Learning Tree AJ co-founded Launchfire, a game-based digital promotions company that helps CPG brands (e.g., Coca Cola) and Retailers (e.g., Costco) educated consumers and drive sales. It was the “educate” piece the lead AJ back to the training industry.  As Launchfire's programs were so effective at educating consumers, clients frequently asked if their programs could be morphed into eLearning solutions to train their staff. So in 2018, after numerous successful training programs, AJ co-founded LemonadeLXP, a learning experience platform that’s designed specifically to help financial institutions with the human side of digital transformation. AJ is now LemonadeLXP’s head of business solutions where he helps FIs roll out addictive and effective training programs for their staff.

About LemonadeLXP:

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that turns frontline staff into digital experts, and supports digital banking customers. It’s the fastest and easiest way for FIs and fintechs to create the training and support tools you need to grow your digital banking business.

AJ Pratt

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