Batu Sat

Co-founder and CEO, Mall IQ

Dr. Batu Sat is the Cofounder & CEO or Mall IQ, Inc., a venture-backed San Francisco based  technology company serving Banks, Fintechs, Payment Apps, and Retailers as a Location Intelligence & AI platform. Dr. Sat earned his Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at  Urbana-Champaign as a Researcher at the Coordinated Science Laboratory. Batu leads Company’s long-term vision by streamlining operations, leveraging innovative and  emerging technologies and maintaining strong focus on client imperatives. He is an expert in  Machine Learning, AI, Distributed & Real-time computational systems as well as Location  Intelligence. He held Technical Leader and Software Architect roles at Cisco Systems, Microsoft  Corporation and Fuze, Inc. in Silicon Valley where he had the opportunity to experience the  startup ecosystem and combine this experience with his expertise in technology. In 2015, he co  founded Mall IQ, Inc. with his Cofounder Ferit Ozan Akgul, Ph.D. with the mission to empower  financial institutions and merchants via Purchase Intent based Actionable Insights. 

About Mall IQ: 

Mall IQ, Inc. offers the most scalable Location Intelligence & AI Platform for mobile apps that is  store-level accurate indoors & outdoors w/o any hardware deployments. Mall IQ Inc. is a privacy first Location Intelligence & AI Platform, empowering Financial Institutions & Fintechs, Loyalty  Platforms and Retailers in delivering anonymous personalization at scale. Mall IQ solutions  measure consumer purchase intent in the physical world and makes it insightful and actionable  for mobile apps. Mall IQ is backed by prominent VCs such as 500 Startups and 212.VC and has  received investment from and partnered with FIS, a Global Banking Service Provider. The  company is serving customers in 3 continents (North America,Europe & Asia) and will be  expanding to South America and Europe with its upcoming investment round yet to be  announced. Learn more at malliq.com

Batu Sat

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