Brian Finnan

Founder and CEO, Arcanum

Brian has over 25 years of experience within the AutoID technology field.  He and his partner,Frank Brice, have been in business since 2005. Southeast Solutions is a complete systems integrator that does custom software, software integration, web service, mobile scanning, thermal printing,LAN and WLAN design and installation services. Along with a complete service repair department for scanning and thermal printing.

Brian and Frank Brice founded Arcanum Technology LLC in2015.  Arcanum was awarded a patent inOctober 2018 for their innovative and transformative KBA solution nKode withDARC tokenization.

When not working, Brian has been married for 38 years to his high school sweetheart, Anne.  He andAnne have four children, Hannah 34, Alannah 31, Grace 29, and Zach 25.  Brian enjoys grilling and golf but mostly spending time with his family including 2 grandchildren, Ava and Finn.

Arcanum Technology:

Arcanum Technology LLC was founded in 2015.  Arcanum was awarded a patent in October 2018for their innovative and transformative KBA solution nKode with DARC tokenization. The 20 second elevator pitch is “we can create a 4-character passcode that is more secure than any 8–16-character password you are currently using today but it never has to be changed, regardless of a data breach”.

Arcanum Technology has completely re-thought password technology from the inside out.  They have finally solved one of the biggest problems any vertical using password authentication has to deal with.  They’ve created a solution that would allow everyone to have ONE passcode they couldu se securely EVERYWHERE that never has to be changed.  Hallelujah!!

Brian Finnan

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