Chris Chris Sommers

Chief Product Officer, Core10

Chris Sommers is a seasoned technologist and software engineer, turned entrepreneur, and business owner who turned his own frustrations of borrowing money from all different sizes of banks into the creation of Accrue. The inefficiencies and dated processes he experienced as a borrower and bank customer informed his opinion that community banks could and should do much better to meet the moment and the desire of their customers to enable digital experiences. The pandemic only furthered this realization for Sommers and community banks that their previous way of doing business was not only outdated but also entirely ineffective. Accrue helps community banks bite off some of the low-hanging fruit of digital transformation, whether it’s an online loan application or a new customer onboarding, all of which are table stakes for any institution that wants to service a younger, more digitally-focused customer. Accrue was fortunate enough to be selected for the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator, during which meetings with hundreds of community banks confirmed the personal experiences of Sommers were not unique to him, but consistent with feedback from so many of their customers. Fortunately, most community banks are now acting swiftly to address their digital deficiencies, and Accrue is well-poised to meet their transformational objectives.

About Core10:

Core10 is a leading North American-based provider of banking and lending products and services. Core10’s Accrue product provides community banks with turnkey deposit account opening and digital lending solutions for both consumers and businesses.  A graduate of the 2022 ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator, Accrue provides a powerful, configurable lending and banking application designed specifically for community banks looking to accelerate digital innovation. In addition to Accrue, Core10 also provides custom development support, API integration, and SaaS Implementation/Customer Success services to banks, fintechs, and core providers.

Core10 operates exclusively in the fintech and financial services industry, bringing expertise garnered from working with top financial technology providers and banks. Core10’s team is well-versed in regulatory and compliance requirements as well as the leading financial trends, giving your team the resources and knowledge to accomplish your goals.

Chris Chris Sommers

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