Darrin Williams

CEO, Southern Bancorp

Darrin Williams is a banker, securities and consumer protection attorney, former legislator and passionate advocate for financial inclusion. Currently serving as the CEO of Southern Bancorp, Inc., Williams oversees the strategic direction and operations of each of Southern Bancorp’s three Community Development Financial Institutions: Southern Bancorp, Inc., a bank holding company; Southern Bancorp Bank, one of America’s largest rural development banks; and Southern Bancorp Community Partners, a 501(c)(3) development finance and lending organization – collectively known as “Southern.’ With $2 billion in assets, more than 65,000 customers and 51 locations, Southern Bancorp’s markets extend throughout the Mid-South. Focused on the net worth building strategies of homeownership, entrepreneurship and saving, Southern Bancorp believes that wealth building isn’t just for the wealthy; they seek to be wealth builders for everyone. Williams received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hendrix College, in Conway, Ark., his Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University School of Law, in Nashville, Tenn., and his Master of Laws degree in Securities and Financial Regulation from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.

About Southern Bancorp:

Southern Bancorp’s mission is to create economic opportunity in rural and underserved communities by providing responsible and responsive financial products and servicesthat balance profits with purpose.

Darrin Williams

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