Don Shafer

Co-Founder, Quilo

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Quilo

Don Shafer, known by­­­­ many bankers­­ as The Chief Evangelist, was Co-founder of Banking Solutions, BancLeasing and Kasasa, having devoted the last 30 years of his professional career helping community banks to better compete with the mega-banks.

­­­­Because of his speaking style which is designed to entertain, educate and motivate, Don is often invited to speak at events where bankers come together to learn how to leverage new technology introduced by FinTechs to acquire new customers and build their loan portfolios.

Always working to serve the communities in which he lives, Don served nine years each on School Boards for two school districts in the state of Texas and five years as an Advisory Board Member for The Salvation Army for Austin, TX.  Don and his bride of 41 years and his girlfriend, Brenda, now reside in Lakeside, MT.

About Quilo

Quilo is a fully digital lending platform that empowers banks to underwrite, approve, instantly fund and service personal loans AND enables banks to acquire new business accounts who sell high priced products or services by providing instant financing at the point of sale or service to their customers.

Banks have the option to fund these loans or can choose to participate as an Agent of the program.