Kent Llewelyn

Chief Technology and Product Officer, Bond.ai

Kent Llewelyn, Chief Technology and Product Officer at BOND.AI, has a decades-long career in the banking and finance industry and was named one of the 10 Best CIOs of 2022 by Industry Era. Always a forward-thinker, Kent has driven BOND.AI’s global development teams to increase innovation and adoption of BOND.AI’s Empathy Engine® artificial intelligence and meet the demands of modern banks, credit unions, FinTechs and small businesses. Kent is the former CIO and CTO of TAB Bank in Utah, where he spent 15 years spearheading initiatives to expand the bank’s digital transformation and adoption of APIs.

About Bond.ai

BOND.AI is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm whose key product is an AI suite for financial institutions powered by the world’s first Empathy Engine®. Its proprietary algorithms holistically understand consumer behaviors through a combination of financial, non-financial and intangible data to significantly enhance a financial institution’s revenue while boosting its consumer’s financial wellbeing and income. Using a core-agnostic SDK for mobile and web, the Empathy Engine® allows financial institutions to build a better bond with consumers by boosting engagement, improving marketing efficiency, and increasing loan-to-deposit ratios by up to 70 percent. For more details, visit BOND.AI.

Kent Llewelyn

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