Laura Kornhauser

Founder and CEO of Stratyfy

Laura Kornhauser is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stratyfy, an NYC-based AI company bringing next generation transparency to credit risk and fraud detection. Prior to Stratyfy, Laura was an Executive Director at JPMorgan, focused on delivering algorithmic trading strategies and financial derivative products to large institutional and corporate customers. During her 12 years there, Laura became an expert at identifying product opportunities, developing and selling new products to meet emerging customer’ demands, and managing complex client relationships. Laura received her MBA from Columbia Business School and her BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University. In 2020, Laura received the Liz Elting Deep Tech award for her leadership and work with Stratyfy in tackling the lack of transparency and bias inherent in many processes today.

About Stratyfy

Stratyfy delivers proprietary machine learning solutions for financial institutions, automating credit risk assessment, fraud detection, and other complex tasks without introducing new operational or regulatory risks. Stratyfy’s UnBias™ also helps users proactively identify and remove hidden bias in data and models. With Stratyfy’s transparent and interpretable solutions, institutions can seamlessly combine the precision of their data with the wisdom of their people to make better, faster decisions based on true risk and serve more customers.


Laura Kornhauser

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