Nathan Baumeister

Founder and CEO, ZSuite Technologies

Nathan Baumeister is the CEO of ZSuite Technologies, where he provides strategic direction while working to grow the business and the product line. Under his leadership, ZSuite Technologies will continue to support the technological and financial growth of banks and credit unions. He also serves as a board member of the Association of Financial Technology (AFT).

Baumeister is a solutions-oriented leader that is passionate about bringing together a high-performing team with a high-performance culture. He believes in the power of locally driven decision making and advocates for sustaining and building networks of locally owned and operated businesses, financial institutions and nonprofit organizations. In his free time, Baumeister enjoys playing music and pushing his body and mind to their limits. He is married to the love of his life and a devoted father to four children.

About ZSuite Technologies:

ZSuite Technologies is a financial technology company that aims to power financial institutions with digital escrow products for specific commercial verticals that they can offer to their clients. ZSuite's products, ZRent and ZEscrow, streamline collection of recurring payments and automate the management and compliance around multi-use escrow subaccounting processes

Nathan Baumeister

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