Sajil Koroth

Founder, KapitalWise

Sajil Koroth is the founder and CEO of Kapitalwise, a New York-based fintech helping financial institutions to automate banking customer engagement by connecting data with customer experience on a no-code platform. Sajil has more than 15 years of experience in financial technology. Before starting Kapitalwise, Sajil led product and technology at Learvest and IHS Markit. As an internationally recognized technologist and entrepreneur, Sajil co-founded two other fintech startups before Kapitalwise. He is also an angel investor, advisor, and a thought leader in FinTech, Enterprise Mobility, and Cloud Computing.

Outside of Kapitalwise, Sajil Koroth is part of the TiE New York, a non-profit that provides access to mentoring, networking, and funding for entrepreneurs in all stages, in all industries. Sajil Koroth holds a bachelor of science degree in applied chemistry and a Master's in Computer Applications.

About Kapitalwise:

Kapitalwise no-code platform offers AI insight, automation templates, marketing content, compliance workflow, customer-facing apps, and a no-code builder tool, enabling banks to efficiently target audiences with customized, relevant communications and measure the impact on the bottom line. As an end-end marketing and customer engagement automation platform built for lean sales and marketing teams, Kapitalwise removes the need for IT data pulls, sorting, and manual reporting for marketing campaigns.

Sajil Koroth

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