Slaven Bilac

Founder and CEO, AgentIQ

Prior to co-founding Agent IQ, Slaven worked at Google for 12 years, initially focusing on improving Google Search Engine and acting as Search Lead in theGoogle Japan Office. Later he led the Cloud Machine Intelligence Group tasked with making Google-internal ML technology available on GCP. While at Google, Slaven has helped build several large engineering teams and demonstrated passion for making ML and NLP technology immediately useful by launching several user-facing products.

Slaven holds a PhD in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology and his research focus was Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation. He has completed his undergraduate studies and University of Washington and holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Linguistics and Japanese. He holds 6 patents and has published numerous papers at peer reviewed conferences.

 During his career, Slaven has lived and worked in the US, Croatia and Japan.

 About Agent IQ:

Agent IQ empowers community banks and credit unions to deepen their customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and boost service efficiencies leading to an increase in profitability while reducing the cost of serving. TheAgent IQ digital customer engagement platform provides a unique high-touch,high-tech, omni-channel experience that uses AI to support financial institutions in being more proactive with their customers and automating mundane tasks.

Financial institutions can get real-time insights into what their customers are talking about and use the platform to provide proactive assistance and strengthen the relationship between banker and customer. Deployed in a little as 4 weeks with a light resource lift, Agent IQ is the tool that allows your bankers to better connect, engage, and support customers and create relationships in the digital world that are just as personal as in the real world, but even more enhanced.  

Slaven Bilac

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