Zach Duke

Founder and CEO, Finosec

I am blessed to lead the team at Finosec, as we tackle the challenges of simplifying and validating cybersecurity management for financial institutions. Banks have unique challenges when it comes to information security risk management including financial risk, fraud, complexity in banking software, and expanding regulatory scrutiny. Hackers and fraudsters continue to target banking systems for financial gain, and with access to today's interconnected systems, a successful attack is just a notification away.

Our mission at Finosec is to change the way information security and cybersecurity is managed in banking. Through the use of our platform, our customers automate the labor-intensive tasks that are required to keep banking systems secure. This includes systems access rights management and validation, employee information security training, information security program governance, and overall cyber hygiene status.

Our unique reporting allows for senior management and the board to understand and quantify their risk posture to attacks and regulatory scrutiny with easy to understand cybersecurity dashboards.

About Finosec:
The complex labor required for community banks’ information security and cybersecurity feels overwhelming. Finosec offers an automated governance platform to save banks time and enhance exam preparedness.

Zach Duke

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