Andrew Gowasack

Co-founder and President, TrustStamp

Andrew is the President and a co-founder of Trust Stamp. His primary focus is seeking out and building the strategic partnerships needed to open new identity-related markets around the world.

As the President of Trust Stamp, Andrew has participated in a number of the leading accelerator programs in the U.S. and overseas and built relationships with some of the world's largest financial institutions. Andrew is an accomplished public speaker who can regularly be found addressing leaders in both financial services and real estate.  

Andrew received a BA in both Finance and Economics from Benedictine College and began his career in financial services with a focus on sales and marketing prior to co-founding Trust Stamp. Andrew is actively committed to ongoing learning, studying at world-class institutions such as the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

About Trust Stamp:

Trust Stamp is a global provider of AI-powered identity services for use in multiple sectors including banking and finance, regulatory compliance, government, real estate, communications, and humanitarian services. Its technology empowers organizations with advanced biometric identity solutions that reduce fraud, protect personal data privacy, increase operational efficiency, and reach a broader base of users worldwide through its unique data transformation and comparison capabilities.

Located in seven countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Trust Stamp trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market (Nasdaq: IDAI) and Euronext Growth in Dublin (Euronext Growth: AIID ID). Founded in 2016 by Gareth Genner and Andrew Gowasack, the company now employs over 100 people.

Andrew Gowasack

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