Dana Goff

Head of Industry and Solution Strategy, SVP, Acxiom

Dana Goff leads the Industry and Solution Strategy Team at Acxiom. During her 24 years at Acxiom, she has consistently and enthusiastically been drawn to the front lines of emerging technology and solutions. Combining that with her expertise in data and identity, Dana has delivered complex solutions to solve business challenges for many of Acxiom’s largest clients.


Throughout her career, Dana has developed, implemented, and consulted on data-driven solutions across a wide range of industries, but for the last eight years she has focused on financial services. She is a thought leader with a strong reputation within Acxiom, with industry partners, and most notably with clients.


“As part of the Financial Services leadership team, I am passionate about driving revenue and growing customer engagement for both Acxiom and our clients. Our team is “joined at the hip” with our sales and delivery teams to ensure we constantly create a flow of value to our clients and shareholders. We share the voice of the industry to help our product org better understand and innovate on solutions that matter to our clients. Partnering with our marketing team, we wrap a relevant financial services perspective around our solutions to instill trust and confidence that we can solve real problems that our customers are facing.”